Tips for the best online dating profile

Creating a great online dating profile can be easily done. To start making a profile might be an anxious moment for some who is uncertain about what is best for dating sites. You might be wondering what to say about yourself, and how you should make it work to get potential partners. Use these guidelines to create the profile that will get you dates!


Up your game

You want an effective profile that’ll get you into the dating game. It should ideally convert into a meet-up with a mate. From the moment that you pick a profile pic to your description, you have to market yourself as an attractive person that is not self-centered. Keep in mind that you are there for them, as that is one of the keys to getting chosen.

Choose your username

Note that most search results for a ‘date finder’ appear alphabetically. So, if you want to up your game, choose a username that starts with the first five letters of the alphabet, or maybe the letter ‘A’. Doing so you can make sure you are on top of the list!

If you are a female, then have a sexy username that shall make you sound attractive. If you are a male, women find names that are associated with intelligence or success as the ones that get responses. Try to avoid choosing a username that will make you seem aloof such as ‘Forever_Alone.’

The profile picture

What impression do you want to make? Are you the easy-going type or the serious mate? Is the picture that you chose one that shows the real you in the best light, or would you prefer to edit it a bit to hide a few flaws?

Studies show that a genuine smile that does engage the eye muscles, also known as a Duchenne smile, is best for profile pictures for dating websites. That is because the Duchenne smile sends out the message that the person has a good sense of humor and is light-hearted. To add to that, a slight tilt of the head will make you appear a bit mysterious or even playful.

About yourself

Most online dating sites have some sort of an ‘About Me’ section. This description is vital as it can catch the potential mate. Research studies show that you should not just write about yourself but also include what you are looking for in a person.

Market yourself

An online dating profile is not a resume or an application form. It is a marketing arm that is about you and how you want someone to fill your needs. The writing style has to be attractive, such as that of an advertisement, instead of just facts about yourselves.

Get results

Creating an online dating profile that will get results can be done by using these tips. It is a good idea to take these matters seriously, even if you are just into dating for sex, as you do want results. Also, keep in mind that you must build up your confidence, because someone out there is waiting for someone just like you. You can get into the game right away by downloading one of the best online dating apps